Good Luck at State Competition!
Aurora Krajnikconde
Friday, May 04 2018

The following high school choir students will be performing at State Solo/Ensemble tomorrow:
Madyson Rosman, Alaiyna Reidel, Katie Gearing. Korynn Metzler. Lydia Thompson, Morgan Quirk, Sadie Bowerman, Hannah Abley, Grace Lawrence, Phallen Olson, Jared Penkert, Andrea Kubishak, Anna Speckien, Candie Portell, Adrianna Bethke, Sawyer Bee, Tristan Shuttleworth, Taylor Bee, Ryan George, Aura West, Maisy Haas
Caroline Tietjens. Also 2 a capella groups (The Danger Tons and The Soundwaves) will be performing tomorrow. Break a leg!!