Research Project Learning Targets

  • Use technology to produce and publish writing
  • Draw evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research
  • Conduct a short research project
  • Gather information from multiple sources and assess the credibility of each source
  • Quote and paraphrase information providing a basic bibliographic information
  • Present claims and findings sequencing ideas logically and using descriptions, facts, and details.


8th Grade Research Project Timeline (Coming Soon)
List of project due dates

8th Grade Research Project Handout
Overview of project expectations

8th Grade Research Project Template (Coming Soon)
View-only document you need to make a copy of and use for your project

Plagiarism Handout
Overview of plagiarism, including an activity on recognizing plagiarism

Reliable Resources

You will need usernames and passwords to access some of the resources listed below (O-F Google login required to access this link.)

Reports on 204 cultures of the world
Provided by O-F LMC: Pasword may be required

Books, journals and more for middle and high school students
Provided by Badgerlink: Password may be required outside of school.

Daily Life through History
Articles, multi-media files, speeches and more
Provided by O-F LMC: Pasword required

Scholastic Go
Non-fiction resources for students
Provided by CESA 10: Pasword required

Britannica School: Middle Level
Online encyclopedia
Provided by Badgerlink: Password may be required outside of school.

Research Guides

BrainPop: Research
Learn about research tools and resources

BrainPop: Internet Search
Learn how to narrow and exclude items from your search

Badgerlink: Research Guide
Learn the six steps to completing a research report

McDougal Littell: Doing Research on the Web
Learn the tools and strategies for doing Internet research

Common Sense Media: Strategic Searching
Learn strategies for effective Internet searches

Colorado State University: Boolean Searches
Learn how to do effective searches by using AND, OR, NOT

Research Building Blocks: Choosing the Best Print Resources
Click on "Go to Demo" to learn how to analyze the reliability of print sources

How to Judge the Reliability of Internet Information
Learn how to analyze the reliablity of Internet sources

Writing Guides

Prewriting Resources

Starting the Writing Process
Tips for starting the writing process from Purdue OWL

Prewriting (Introduction)
Processes and strategies to help you get started from Purdue OWL.

Prewriting (General Questions)
General questions to help you get started from Purdue OWL

Prewritng (More Questions)
More questions to help you get started from Purdue OWL

How to Outline
Why outlining is important and how to create one from Purdue OWL

Writing Resources

Symptoms & Cures for Writer's Block
An explanation of writer's block and activities to help you get past it from Purdue OWL

More Writer's Block Strategies
More suggestions for beating writer's block from Purdue OWL

On Paragraphs
Tips for writing good paragraphs from Purdue OWL

Paragraphs (Length Consistancy)
Tips for writing well-balanced paragraphs from Purdue OWL

6 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers
Tips for avoiding plagiarism from Write Check

Revision Resources

Steps for Revising
Tips of things to look for when revising your essay from Purdue OWL

Revising for Cohesion
Steps to take and questions to ask during the revision process from Purdue OWL

Editing Resources

Beginning Proofreading
Suggestions for proofreading from Purdue OWL

Proofreading Suggestions
Strategies for proofreading from Purdue OWL

Proofreading for Errors
Tips for locating and correcting mechanics, usage and grammar errors.