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Ayiti: The Cost of Life
Manage the budget, health, education, and work life of a Hatian family.

Ninja Kitchen
Prepare and serve food safely before customers leave


Blood Typing
Learn about blood types, then save patients in need of blood transfusions

Build a Body: Digestive System
Interactive digestive system

Control of the Cell Cycle
Supervise cell division to ensure that it happens in the correct order

iBiome Wetland School Edition
Build marshes and swamps that will help plants and animals survive

Virtual Lab: Corn Mold Experiment
Conduct an experiment to see if corn is edible.

Social Studies

Branches of Power
Control all three branches of the U.S. government


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Teen Read Week 2016

Check out a book this week, and your name will go into a drawing for a free book.

Tired of e-mail notices about overdue book fines?
Pay them this week and get half off!
Does not include fines for lost/damaged materials.

Trivia Contest

Science Fiction & Fantasy Theme
Open until midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 12
Bookmark Contest
Design a bookmark to go with this year's Teen Read Week theme of "Read for the fun of it!"
Copies of winning bookmarks will be available in the LMC for students to use.


Bookmarks must include the words, "Read for the fun of it."
Bookmarks should be created on white paper and be "copy ready."
The bookmark may be submitted on larger paper, but the bookmark design should be 2 inches by 5 inches.
Bookmarks due by 3:35 on Monday, October 17

YALSA Teen's Top 10 Books of 2015Vote for This Year's Top Ten

YALSA 2016 Top 10 Nominees

YALSA Teen's Top Ten Books
Vote for the Teen's Top Ten Books of 2016

Poll is open from Aug. 15-Oct. 15

Nominee Video
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8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

Photo Galleries

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Virtual Field Trip

photo of Jewish Badge at U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

"United States Holocaust Memorial Museum"
by Powusku, Flickr member
CC 2.0 license
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Arlington National Cemetery

"Veterans Area of the Cemetery"
by William Morris.
Public Domain
Arlington National Cemetery

photo of Ford's Theater

"Ford's Theatre exterior, Washington, D.C."
by Wknight94, Wikimedia member
CC 3.0 License
Ford's Theatre