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Paws in Jobland - www.bridges.com

Safety First
Netsmartz for Kids | Safe Kids Online Song

Getting Along
Out On A Limb

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password: readbooks
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Reading/Language Arts/Writing

Dr. Suessville Poetry for Kids
Funny poetry just for kids
Giggle Poetry Skillswise
Grammar Games Spelling City
Grammar Gorillas
Identify Parts of Speech
Learning to read activities
Grandpa Tuckers Rhymes and Tales
Funny stories and silly poems that
deliver a message.
Storyline Online
An on-line streaming video program featuring actors reading children's books aloud.
Idioms Wacky Web Tales
Kids at Random House
Find some of your favorite characters here
Word Central
An online dictionary for kids!
Learning Vocabulary
(Hangman, Word Search, Matching, etc.)
Primary Games for Language Arts